Vastu tips to increase love in the family members

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In whose house there is love between family members. The happiness there seems like heaven. That is why every person wants that there will always be an atmosphere of positivity in his house. May happiness prevail among family members. Even in the scriptures, the house is considered a temple. It is said that where there is respect and respect among the family members, the deity is pleased at such a house. But sometimes there are bad feelings in the family and estrangement due to many reasons. Some measures have been given in Vastu, by doing which, there is peace in the house.

1. If anyone in the house brings sweets, fruits etc. to the house, first offer it to God, then give it to the elders and children of the house and accept other members. Because there is never a shortage of food money in the house of those who have the blessings of the elderly, and the children are happy.

2. To increase love in married life, married women should wear 2 gold bangles or yellow bangles in their hands. These increases love solutions in husband and wife.

3. No waste should be kept under the stairs of the house. If any items are under the stairs, remove them. For more information, you can consult a specialist.

4. The house should be wiped with saltwater. Or put salt on the edges of the house, clean it in the morning. This removes the negative energy of the house and maintains positivity in the house.

5. Determine the place of footwear. Never keep shoes and slippers scattered around inside the house. Also, the shoes and slippers kept in the house should not be dirty. Footwear slippers can be placed in the west direction of the house. There is negative energy in the house where the shoes are not kept properly.

6. Show off the burning of camphor in the house daily in the evening or after worship in the morning. By doing this, peace remains in the house as well as the organisms that grow in the house are destroyed.

7. Give wheat for grinding on a mill on Monday or Saturday. Before giving wheat, add a little gram to it. It is not only good for the health of the family but also the grace of Lakshmi.

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